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Board of Directors

Hu Chao 胡超

Mr. Hu Chao is the Executive Director and CEO of the Company, where he will be responsible for the overall business direction and strategy of the Company. He was appointed to the Board on 3 July 2021. From August 1994 to March 2008, Mr. Hu held sales and general manager positions in the technology and electronics industry and the food industry. From May 2008 to August 2014, he was the assistant to the general manager of Zhengzhou Synear, assisting in the oversight of the company’s business in the production and sale of quick freeze food products. Mr. Hu became the general manager and director of Chibi Shenshan Xingnong Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd in October 2016 and December 2017 respectively, and oversaw its overall business direction and strategic growth. Mr. Hu graduated with a Degree in History from Zhengzhou University, PRC, in 1994.

Zhao Chichun 赵池春

Mr. Zhao Chichun was appointed as the Executive Director of the Company on 3 July 2021 and Mr. Zhao will oversee the Company’s sales and marketing functions, as well as investor relations. Mr. Zhao is currently a Director of Chibi Shenshan Xingnong Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. From September 1992 to March 2008, Mr. Zhao held sales and marketing positions in various industries which include real estate development, fashion and software development. He founded Beijing Kuansoft Tech Ltd (北京宽用软件科技有限公司), a software development company, in March 2008 and was its CEO till January 2011. Since February 2011, Mr. Zhao has been the vice president of Synear Food Holdings Ltd and is responsible for overseeing the investments, mergers and acquisitions of Synear. Mr. Zhao graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Henan University in 1991 and a Master of Business Administration from Ottawa University, Ontario, Canada in 2003.

Huo Lei 霍雷

Mr. Huo Lei was re-designated as the Non-Executive and Non-Independent Director on 3 July 2021. Mr. Huo was appointed as the Executive Director of the Company on 1 September 2014 where he was responsible for the overall general administration and personnel management of the Group. Mr. Huo has been with the Group since he joined the Group’s subsidiary, Henan Trump Dragon Siwu Wine Co., Ltd., in September 2005. From March 2000 to September 2003, Mr. Huo was a manager in 河南省农业综合开发广泰科技有限公司 (Henan Province Agriculture Development Guangtai Technology Co., Ltd.). From September 2003 to September 2005, he was a manager in the corporate management department of 河南省新世家置业有限公司 (Henan Province Xinshijia Property Development Co., Ltd.). Mr. Huo graduated from郑州工业大学 (Zhengzhou University of Technology) with a Diploma in Electric System Automation in July 2000 and from the North West Agriculture and Forestry University, Shaanxi Province, with a Masters in Business Administration in June 2013.

Yeo Teck Chuan 杨德泉


Mr. Yeo Teck Chuan was appointed as Independent Director on 2 December 2021. He is also the member of the Audit Committee and Chairman of the Nominating Committee and the Remuneration Committee. He has more than 28 years of experience in accounting, auditing and financial management. Prior to joining our Group, from June 1992 to January 1995, he worked as an auditor at Pricewaterhouse. He worked for Arthur Andersen as an audit manager in Beijing from January 1995 to December 1998 and in Singapore from January 1999 to July 2002. From July 2002 to March 2007, he was the financial service director for South and Southeast Asia for BOC Asia Limited (Singapore). From July 2007 to May 2015, he worked at Deloitte Hua Yong Certified Public Accountants LLP as an audit partner. From May 2015 to October 2017, he worked as an audit partner at Shanghai branch of Rui Hua Certified Public Accountants LLP. He worked as a managing director of Laos Rui Hua CPA Co., Ltd. from December 2016 to August 2019. He was a managing director of Beijing Quan Rui Certified Public Accountants LLP from October 2017 to July 2018. 


He has been a legal representative of Nanchang Yeo Seng Heng Financial Advisory Co. Ltd since August 2015. From July 2018, he has joined SBA Stone Forest Corporate Advisory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd as an advisory partner. Mr Yeo is currently an Independent Non-Executive Director of Legion Consortium Limited and Republic Healthcare Limited which are both listed on Hong Kong stock exchange. Mr. Yeo was an Independent Non-Executive Director of China Commercial Credit Inc from September 2016 to May 2019 (a company listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market. 


Mr. Yeo obtained a bachelor degree of accountancy from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with second class honors (upper division) in May 1992 and has been a certified internal auditor awarded by The Institute of Internal Auditors and a chartered accountant of Singapore admitted by Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants since May 2005 and July 2013 respectively. He has been emplaced in the ASEAN chartered professional accountant in Singapore since May 2017 as a Chartered Accountant of Singapore, a certified internal auditor, and an ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant. 

Ho Teck Cheong 何德昌

Mr. Ho Teck Cheong was appointed as Independent Director of the Company on 1 April 2011 and was last re-elected on 27 October 2017. Mr. Ho is the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Nominating Committee and Remuneration Committee. Mr. Ho graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 1982. Mr. Ho spent over 21 years in the banking industry where his last held position was with Santander Group as the Group Managing Director of its Asia Pacific region, responsible for Investment, Corporate and Private Banking. Mr. Ho is currently an Independent Non-Executive Director of Singamas Container Holdings Limited.

Zhang Lei 张蕾

Ms. Zhang Lei was appointed as Independent Director of the Company on 2 October 2021. Ms. Zhang is the member of the Audit Committee, Nominating Committee and the Remuneration Committee. Ms. Zhang is currently the Associate Professor in Institute of Fruit & Tea, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Ms. Zhang graduated from Shandong Agricultural University with Bachelor’s Degree in English and Horticulture. She also obtained Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Botany from Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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